European Union

What would happen if UK leaves the European Union!

flag-1198978_640It was since forever that a country when comes into the European Union has to be in it always for the rest of the time. It was for the United Kingdom that the phenomenon of getting into the European Union was fixed. It lasted the tenure with good vibes and energy, and the tenure happened to last over half a century. As a by law, it was to be followed by the nations that once they get into the union, they could not go out of it.

The Lisbon Treaty and withdrawal from EU:

Lately, when the Lisbon Treaty came into action back in the year 2009, it was found that new practises of work along with a lot of additions came into being. This led to a lot of other states of the eastern part of Europe to terminate their inclusion in the European Union. According to Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, it was made clear that any of the states that has its membership in the EU might tend to end the membership of it when it wants by following its desires from the constitution. It then elaborately explains the process of getting itself withdrawn from the EU.

Process of withdrawal:

When a country decides and declares to be out of the European Union, it has to follow the steps to get it done. Formally the country has to discuss and go on a negotiation with the rest of the member states about the conditions of withdrawal. The complete process might long for two years too. If the United Kingdom will be out of the European Union, then there would be many consequences to follow. Firstly the tariffs of all the trade and commerce in and around the country would be different. It would again ace the changes for all the products and services too. The right to move in the European countries other than the UK would be different from the latter. The amount of rules and regulations that are formulated in the cities would be changed as a result of consequences.

Signing the deal:

The severe deal that is to be broken has to be made to work has to be accepted and marked by the European Union Council and the Parliament in Strasbourg. The process has to undergo with the legislative methods and hence might be tough to be executed. Each member state of the European Union has its points to make and hence all these counts. The United Kingdom has to go through the process of negotiation with the countries that do not fall in the EU list, and their scores are to be taken into consideration.

Will David Cameron have to go away?

Some of the members of the European Union would be likely to take over the position of David Cameron, and hence, the public decision has to be noted.  If a new leader takes the charge, the normalcy would be regained, but there are a lot of proportions of the people who wish the Prime Minister to be in the position. So it would be his chance to remain in power and rule.