Free vs. Paid Conference Calls: What Should I Use for Business Meetings?

First off, what is a conference call?

A conference call is a telephone call in which the person has to converse with several people in one go. These types of calls could be made to allow one or more parties to take part during the call, or the person in charge sets up the conference so the participating parties can just listen to the call and won’t have to speak up. A conference call is also known as an ATC, or an audio tele-conference.

Benefits of Free Conference

A free conference call allows you to talk to everyone in your party with plenty of clarity. This goes a very long way towards building a completely cooperative effort between divisions and separate departments in a company who chooses to work by itself. A second advantage of a free conference call is that they provide their users with both convenience and speed at the same time.

Free calls don’t require you to wait in a boardroom for one full hour for at least one or two latecomers to the conference. You can still do your other work-related stuff as you wait. Feel free to work on your projects right in the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Paid Conference

Although a free conference call might seem like a highly attractive option, it’s still good to know more about the sacrifices that you could end up making eventually, in case you pick a free provider. So here are some reasons why you should pick a paid conference call:

If you only end up conducting the occasional audio conference, then this means you aren’t stressing out about scratchy quality, or dropped calls in your conference. But if conference calls are one of the main methods of communication in your company, then you might want to invest in a fully consistent and high-quality audio experience that is completely supported by an enterprise-graded network infrastructure. These things can only be provided to you by a paid conference call.

In a company, speaking is one of the building blocks of collaboration between you and your colleagues. And if you don’t have a smooth-sailing and purely consistent audio conference experience, then your meetings won’t be as effective as you might expect them to be.

One of the main advantages of a collaboration that uses paid audio conference is that it allows your business – no matter what size it may be, to grow as large as it possibly could. You should also take note that when it has, you have to make sure that your provider’s conferencing service can handle large conference calls, otherwise, their technology or infrastructure might get overwhelmed and vital communications in your organization might get cut off. Of course, you don’t want that.

Out of all these pros and cons, I would say paid conference calls are better – Despite having to pay loads of cash to use this feature, you’re still rewarded with crisp and clear audio quality, something that a free conference call cannot provide. Some of these paid conference calls offer other advanced features like live chat support and advanced emails, which can further help your company grow. There’s just a whole wealth of features that you can use.

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