Learning Business Communications

Hello all!

My name is Kent. I’ve been a business owner for several years and have finally found the time to start a blog on business communications. I’ve always wanted to share everything I’ve learned through the years both in the corporate and entrepreneurial world – things I would have wanted to know when I was but an aspiring, inexperienced guy navigating my way one desk after the other and climbing the corporate ladder. I have had numerous tumbles and falls, but every experience has been a learning one in helping me really understand how dynamic business communications can be.

While I don’t consider myself an expert, I have extensive experience in terms of working with all kinds of roles and characters in business. I have gotten to know various kinds of colleagues, dealt with challenging managers, difficult vendors, demanding clients, and most importantly, I have also learned to manage how I see myself and how I can adjust to the needs of all kinds of situations so I can communicate and get things done efficiently and effectively in business.

In this blog, I will be sharing insights on how effective communication in an organization drives a business to success – with topics like navigating the organizational environment, learning the business culture, working with leadership, engaging with colleagues and clients, and last but not least, the amazing tools and services that can help make successful communication happen for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

I hope you enjoy my posts and gain some valuable insights as you read along. I would also love to hear your comments and suggestions so I can widen my scope of topics, improve my blog further, and learn with my readers as I go along!

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