How To Effectively Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

Every person who works in a company must own a unique set of beliefs, ideas, and attitudes which might seem different from the ones owned by their co-workers. However, personal conflicts like these could lead up to conflicts during work. Here are some tips on how to solve workplace conflicts.

Steps in Resolving Conflict in the Workplace

The first step is to talk about the issue after the two parties have managed to calm down. In case you have to deal with a group project and learn that one of the members isn’t doing their work, then you have to talk about this issue before it could escalate further. Discuss the issue at hand before it becomes an even bigger issue. However, make sure to wait first before everything has calmed down. It’s a bit hard to have a progressive discussion between the two of you, if the two parties are feeling calm.

Always keep a positive outlook. Perhaps your co-worker always credits themselves for ideas given by everybody else. This is a common thing that happens in a highly competitive working environment. Instead of accusing this person, make sure to talk about your complaints in a calm manner. Keep an open mind throughout the whole discussion, and don’t assume that they won’t listen to whatever your concern is. Talk to the person you’re having conflicting ideas with. Meet up in a neutral spot, keep a calm mindset, and treat the other person with nothing but utmost respect.

Do not assume that the other person carries a grudge on you and not willing to talk about a possible solution. If you join a conversation while carrying negative expectations, you might elicit the exact reactions you want to avoid.

Listen actively. Were you passed over for a promotion that you’ve always wanted or you think you deserved? Whenever you talk to your manager about it, don’t fire off concerns. It always helps to listen. When you’re talking about the conflict with your boss or manager, concentrate on the behaviors required for a solution. This will keep the topic more focused on the problem or issue at hand, instead of turning into an argument that can worsen the conflict.

Always ask the other person to recommend a solution. In an instance where your colleague’s phone calls are getting on your nerves – instead of telling them to keep quiet, make sure to address the issue when you’re both relaxing or outside a working environment. Think about several approaches and be open to other ideas, apart from your own. The two of you should agree on a solution where both parties will be happy, then talk about a plan for the next couple of steps.

An employee must always ask for feedback coming from their peers, including the office offender. Go look for a consensus on what seems to be the appropriate condition meant for workplaces. Always be open to the idea that your co-worker’s idea might just be different from your own. And during these instances, co-workers can split the work between themselves to make sure that it gets done much faster.

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