Ideal Ways to Ask for a Raise – What Most Managers Say

Asking for a raise isn’t as quick and simple as approaching your superiors and telling them how badly you need a raise just to keep on doing what you’re doing for the company. Most of the time, that tactic tends to end up as an epic fail.

A lot of managers at Fortune 500 corporations usually frown down on co-workers who seem to think that highlighting their needs over what they’ve done to improve the bottom-line results of the company is the best way for them to get a promotion or a raise. Remember, everyone needs more than what they have at the moment, and almost everybody else is doing their duties and obligations at the workplace. Otherwise, they’d most likely end up getting replaced by better individuals who tend to go the extra mile just to get top-notch results for the company.

So, what exactly do you need to keep in mind before you ask for a raise? How can you improve your chances of making your superiors pay attention to what you have to say? When is the right time for you to do this and for them to give you what you want? Well, here’s a quick list of what most managers recommend as the best ways for you to successfully grab their attention, negotiate a raise and significantly improve your chances of getting what you exactly want:

Effective Ways to Ask for a Raise

  1. Create a shortlist of the main reasons why your company should give you a raise. Don’t focus on why you need it bad. This’ll allow you to pinpoint your main strengths in terms of doing your specific function at the workplace. This can also uncover advantages you have over your co-workers and newly hired personnel that you probably didn’t know right off the bat. Plus, this can help you identify the main reasons why you’d be a good fit for a possible vacancy at a higher function job post.
  2. Engage in polite and friendly conversations with your managers and superiors from time to time. Don’t forget to mention your achievements and the positive results you’ve help recently generate for the company, though inject this into your regular conversations as natural as possible. Point is, don’t sound like an arrogant braggart. Your objective is to remind them of your overall value to them and the organization as a whole, all while discussing interesting things and the hottest news in the workplace.
  3. Share your long term goals with your managers, and ask for more responsibility from them so you can achieve your goals soon enough. Many Fortune 500 managers and executives say this is probably the most effective way for them to consider promoting you to a job post that’s aligned with your long term goals, especially if they already know that you deserve it (refer to numbers 1 and 2 above).

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll considerably improve your chances of getting the raise that you deserve. Care to share some other tips that can help others who need useful advice on how to successfully ask for a raise? Feel free to do so in the comment box below.

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