Estate Planning Attorney Jacksonville FL And How It Works

Estate Planning Attorney Jacksonville FL

It is so hard when a family member dies, especially if that family member is a parent. It is something that takes a long time to get over and during those first few weeks it can be hard to function. What’s worse, is that you have to function. You have to do something with the body, plan the funeral, and take care of their affairs.

When your parent dies without a will, things get even more complicated because you have to go to the court to be named an heir and go through a lengthy probate process before you can get the assets transferred. There is also an order that determines who gets the bulk of the estate. Read on to learn how estate planning attorney jacksonville fl works.

It is much better to have a will because it saves your loved ones a lot of time and stress. You can also guarantee and specify who is going to get what. If you don’t have a will, there is a chance that your a family member that you wanted to disinherit is going to end up with some of what you own. You also get to avoid the court process if you leave a will, which is a much better option than spending money going to court.

If you do happen to die without a will, the court is going to determine the order of who gets what. If your parents are still married, the other parent is going to get half the estate and the other half will be divided between the legal children. If you only have one parent left who dies, the court is going to divide the estate between the legal children.

If there are no children, the estate passes to the grandchildren. If there are no grandchildren, the court will look for other relatives and if none are found, the state will inherit the assets. The best course of action to avoid intestate succession Florida is to draw up a will. One only needs to look at all the confusion and legal battles surrounding the death of Prince, who left no will, to see why a will is so important. While you might be resistant to drawing up a will because you don’t want to face your own mortality, it is really the right thing to do and will save your family stress.