Key Pointers to Enhance Internal Business Communications through Social Media

Almost all businesses today know the importance of having effective social media presence for their brand positioning, sales and marketing objectives. However, not many organizations, be it small businesses or large corporate enterprises, have fully realized the potential of social media in considerably improving their internal business communication systems. Little do they know that by actively engaging their employees, managers, executives, suppliers and other internal members of their organization through the right social media channels, the productivity, brand reach and loyalty of their members can also significantly improve.

One main reason for this is that their participation in a corporate organization’s social media networks provides them with instant content-rich updates about the latest things that are happening within and outside their departments. Because they regularly check their social media accounts from time to time, in and out of the workplace – there’s a small chance for them to miss out on interesting events, achievements and latest news that are relevant to the entire organization.

Another reason is that this provides them with quick and easy ways to share news and updates that are also relevant to their peers. This provides your organization with wider reach for your brand positioning, sales and marketing campaigns, especially because their peers can also quickly and easily share your news and updates across their own personal networks. This also enhances the overall social media presence of your organization across your ideal audiences.

Nonetheless, just setting up groups and pages in the most widely used social media platforms and inviting your employees, suppliers, managers and executives to participate in those channels won’t cut it. You need to carefully implement the right ways to do this as efficient as possible for your target bottom-line results.

To help you out, here are some things to keep in mind.

How to Enhance Your Internal Business Communication Systems through Social Media

  1. Know exactly the social media platforms that resonate with your brand, products and services, along with your corporate objectives, mission and vision. For example, if you provide software products and online services to enhance the security and privacy of your customers on the Web, then this also means you most likely have cyber security programmers, privacy advocates and cryptography engineers working in your organization, many of whom would be quite hesitant to use social media platforms with security issues and privacy risks. Besides, that won’t also work for your brand positioning campaigns across your ideal audiences anyway, so be selective in the social media channels to use for both your internal and external business and marketing communications.
  2. Identify the social media channels that your employees, managers, suppliers and executives are familiar and comfortable with. This’ll allow you to avoid any significant resistance in terms of using those social media channels to keep themselves updated about the latest things that are happening in your business. This’ll also give them quicker and easier ways to share your social media news and updates to their own social networks.
  3. Carefully select the news, updates and marketing materials to post in your chosen social media platforms. Not all things that are happening in your organization should be shared through these social media channels. For example, certain achievements of your organization and particular teams or departments within your business can be effective for your marketing objectives when shared across your social media accounts. However, some news like the on-going development of your soon-to-be launched products and offers could potentially tip off your competitors, many of whom might be watching your social media pages and groups.

By following these pointers, you’ll be able to avoid the pitfalls of using social media platforms for your internal business communication systems and marketing campaigns. You’ll also identify key aspects where you can take advantage of the benefits that can be provided by these social media channels. If you want to add more things to this list, don’t hesitate to reach out through the comment box below!

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